DIY Property Manager

Tenancy Checks

Make sure you are letting your property to the right people. A Tenancy Check report may include

  • Identity verification
  • Past Tenant History
  • Court Writs, Judgments and Summonses
  • Tenant Evictions and Terminations
  • Directorship or Proprietorship information
  • Irregular Rent Payment History
  • Bankruptcy Notices

Tenancy Check »

Tenancy Forms

Most Australian states have standard tenancy forms for tenancy agreement, condition report and other forms whch is posted on their respective web sites. Some of these forms are fillable & saveable, making it very easy to forward, share & store.

NSW Fair Trading »

Consumer Affairs, Victoria »

WA Dept of Commerce »

RTA, Queensland »

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, Tasmania »

Access Canberra, ACT »

Northern Territories Consumer Affairs »

SA Government »

New Tenant

Checklist before handing over the keys

  • Prepare tenancy agreement, highlighting special conditions
  • Prepare property condition report with relevant photos & complete household inventory list
  • Provide guide on rights & responsibilities of tenants from regulatory body
  • Online lodgement of security bond form
  • Resolve connection of water, electricity, gas, broadband, telephone & pay tv »

Property Maintenance

Tenants can raise an online request to report on incidents & repairs relating to the rental property at any time. Property owners can choose to be the first point of call or assign this to Appease.

The Tenants Union of Victoria » has great information on repairs & it comes with a step-by-step guide ».

The procedures for urgent and non-urgent repairs are different. Under our per request service, we can arrange & monitor repairs & maintenance to your rental property according to your instructions. For urgent repairs, where action must be taken immediately, we will take all reasonable steps to contact you but if we are unable to, we will arrange the necessary repairs.

In the case of non-urgent maintenance, we can either refer to you before taking action or can organise maintenance on your behalf up to an agreed cost. If you have preferred tradespeople, we will record their details and contact them when required.

Tenants themselves have the authority under the regulatory requirements to organise urgent repairs up to $1800.00 (depending on the state or territory). This information can be posted on the tenant's own portal for the rental property & where available, with details of the preferred tradespeople for the type of urgent repairs. Appease can provide such instructions if we are the designated first point of call for repairs

Maintenance Services

Property maintenance services can be provided by » Australia wide.

We can request, schedule & track all maintenance services on your behalf.

Inpection Services

Property inspection service can be provided by » nationwide. The inspector will visit the property initially and re-inspect thereafter at every lease renewal or change of lease. A detailed report will enable us to promptly arrange any necessary repairs, release of rental bond etc.

We can request, schedule & track all inspection services on your behalf.

Property CGT

Noel Whittaker writes about CGT exemptions for the family home. Interestingly, there is a little known exemption for CGT when you are old and have an investment property

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Tribunal Hearings

Every Australian state has their respective tenancy tribunal to resolve disputes in a quick and constructive manner. We provide a non-legal email based recommended approach at these hearings and will highlight any breaches of compliance, provided we are adequately briefed on circumstances, violations and dates. Tenancy Check » is a good place to start.